Leuk Interior Finishes
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Plyboo Walls, Acoustics, Ceilings and Floors

Plyboo Collection

Award winning architectural grade bamboo flooring and bamboo panels suitable for walls, ceilings and acoustics.


Plyboo reveal & Linear Line

Made entirely of carved and textured bamboo panels, the vertically fluted face layer reveals a uniquely graphic inner core which results in a stunning visual effect. These panels are suitable for any interior space and can be featured on walls and ceilings.


Plyboo Futura & Fractal

The Futura and Fractal panel collection combines compositional geometric figures and shapes to create patterns that emphasize lines, color and light. The visual complexity of both collections causes the eye to find forms beyond the geometry evoking ideas, events and emotions.


Plyboo Sound

Plyboo Sound panels bring together the elegance of bamboo architectural designs with proprietary sound dampening QuietWall™ technology to help reduce ambient noise. Great for hospitality, public venues and large open work spaces. Quiet never looked better!