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Brush Tile

Brush Tile

Brush Tile has been manufacturing brushes for over 100 years and is currently making a big splash in the design industry.  This unique texture is available in a variety of fibers and countless colors.  Perfect for spaces that dare to be different.

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Fiber Choices

Brush Tile is available in natural, translucent, synthetic & custom fibers.  

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Tile Sizes

Tile sizes are 12"x12", 12"x24" & 24"x24". Custom sizes including irregular shapes are available.


Logos & custom designs

Brush Tile can be custom carved for any digital graphic design.

Tile Sizes: 12”x12”, 12”x24” & 24″ X 24″
Fibers: Natural, Translucent, Polyester & Custom
Colors: choose from over 200+ colors

Fire Rating: Can be a Class A
Lead Time: 4-6 weeks
Options: Tiles can be custom carved for any digital graphic design
Maintenance: Vacuum & Wash